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Clinical and environmental mycology

8th Scientific Meeting of the NSMM
A joint meeting with The Finnish Society for Medical Mycology (FSMM)
Helsinki, Finland, May 24-25, 2011

Program and abstracts

NSMM 2011 Program


Fungus: From a rarity to a regular customer with spesific demands Ben de Pauw
Moisture indicator microbes Tuula Putus
Activation of inflammatory response by fungal cell wall components and toxins Sampsa Matikainen
Fungal infections and construction work Anne Nihtinen
Mold building syndrome: Symptoms caused by enviromental moulds; any treatment for patients? Ville Valtonen
Imported Mycological Infections Maiken Cavling Arendrup
Pneumonia cluster in tourists returning from Malaysia Tamim Khawaja


NSMM 2011 Participants

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